Italian Restaurants Audubon NJ

Italian Restaurants Audubon NJ

Italian Restaurants Audubon NJ

Audubon is the home of three Medal of Honor recipients, the most awarded per capita of any town in the United States, which tells us that the residents have an eye for all that’s good. That’s why when it comes to deciding on Audubon Italian restaurants; a lot of them opt to make the short trip to Antonietta’s in Runnemede. There truly is no better place for fresh, quality food than Antonietta’s, and that’s why it has become an institution in Southern New Jersey.

You’ll find no other Italian restaurants in Audubon that can match the history of Antonietta’s, and that doesn’t just apply in a neighborhood sense, as that history stretches back through the decades and across the ocean to Italy. That was where Antonietta Romano clung to the apron strings of her grandmother, watching her as she cooked and created recipes that became the focal point of the entire Antonietta’s menu.

Like any great cook, Antonietta quickly learned that using the very best ingredients, and infusing love and passion into the mix created food that would stand the test of time. That has proven to be the case as Antonietta’s continues to thrive in a business where other Italian restaurants in Audubon have fallen off the map. It’s that commitment to creating every single meal match the high standards passed down by Grandma that have created the difference, not to mention Antonietta’s amazing homemade sauce, that makes the canned sauces of the Italian chain restaurants pale in comparison.

There may possibly be other Audubon Italian restaurants that have a lot of the same items on their menu, but they simply cannot compare with the fresh ingredients that go into every single dish at Antonietta’s. Your pizza will not be frozen, or prepared earlier in the day; rather you’ll be able to expect to have it created to order, which guarantees the best ingredients, all sitting atop that famous homemade sauce. So come on Audubon residents, head on over to Antonietta’s and you’ll soon agree that you couldn’t pick a better place.

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